Zouwer Projects

Expertise with creative processes and project design to improve engagement, collaboration and learning.

I provide professional creative education, art and design services: designing and delivering projects and programs for museums, galleries, and cultural organisations, universities, vocational training, schools, or community and local government organisations. This means designing and delivering novel and successful public programs, teaching and curriculum design, community engagement, professional development, and designing programs to create meaningful linkages across sectors or organisations.

My approach is positive and collaborative, building on my extensive experience across the arts, research, education, and community sectors.

Service and project work includes…

  • Professional Development for teachers – specialising in creative strategies and critical thinking
  • Program development and delivery for schools and cultural institutions – purposefully designed programs for children and/or adults based on curriculum, museum collections, exhibitions, or other focus areas
  • Artist visit and workshop for schools – I can come to your school to focus on art, or cross-curriculum creativity, or collaboration with faculty and staff on creative or developing projects
  • Gallery and community workshops – connecting community to galleries as spaces for meaning engagement and learning

Please get in touch for more information or to discuss how my services might support your project or organisation’s objectives.