in search of lost time 2019

From the full catalogue (see pdf here):

In Search of Lost Time takes its name from of Proust’s novel À La Recherche Du Temps Perdu, similarly exploring memory and time. For the works in the exhibition Zouwer has drawn on the traditions of still life painting and embroidery to explore the relationship of family keepsakes to ideas of time, memory and identity. Zouwer examines how seemingly trivial objects and curios can simultaneously connect to both past and present.

This exhibition focuses on small domestic objects that are part of daily life. They are a mixture of functional and non-functional items; precious in terms of memories, they are keepsakes, souvenirs, some are whole and some just fragments. Zouwer’s painting of objects enhances their quality and raises their status so that they become worthy of sustained attention.

‘I reinterpret these trivial objects through painting and textiles as signifiers of belonging to more than one place. They simultaneously bridge the void between past and present, enchant us and elaborate on human behaviour. My work brings together seemingly incompatible objects from different times and places into a heterotopic space. Bringing objects together in this way changes the meaning of the individual object and envisages them anew. They become a hybrid object.’